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Whether you want to take your user research skills to the next level, get better at UX writing, or stay up-to-date on the latest design trends, a newsletter is the perfect opportunity to get the best of the best resources delivered straight to your inbox on a regular basis. In this post, we highlight some design newsletters that you might want to consider subscribing to.

Struggling to keep our inboxes under control and aim for that magical state of inbox zero, the notification announcing an incoming email isn’t the most appreciated sound for many of us. However, there are some emails to actually look forward to: A newsletter, curated and written with love and care, can be a nice break in your daily routine, providing new insights and sparking ideas and inspiration for your work.

With so many wonderful design newsletters out there, we know it can be a challenge to decide which newsletter (or newsletters) to subscribe to. That’s why we want to shine a light on some newsletter gems today to make your decision at least a bit easier — and help you discover newsletters you might not have heard of yet. Ranging from design systems to UX writing, motion design, and user research, there sure is something in it for you.

A huge thank you to everyone who writes, edits, and publishes these newsletters to help us all get better at our craft. You are truly smashing! 👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾

Table of Contents

Below you’ll find quick jumps to newsletters on specific topics you might be interested in. Scroll down to browse the complete list or skip the table of contents.

Design & Front-End


HeyDesigner🗓 Delivered every Monday
🖋 Written by Tamas Sari

Aimed at product people, UXers, PMs, and design engineers, the HeyDesigner newsletter is packed with a carefully curated selection of the latest design and front-end articles, tools, and resources.

Pixels of the Week

Pixels of the Week🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by Stéphanie Walter

Stéphanie Walter’s Pixels of the Week newsletter keeps you informed about the latest UX research, design, tech (HTML, CSS, SVG) news, tools, methods, and other resources that caught Stéphanie’s interest.

TLDR Design

TLDR Design🗓 Delivered daily
🖋 Written by Dan Ni

You’re looking for some bite-sized design inspiration? TLDR Design is a daily newsletter highlighting news, tools, tutorials, trends, and inspiration for design professionals.


DesignOps🗓 Delivered every two weeks
🖋 Written by Ch'an Armstrong

The DesignOps newsletter provides the DesignOps community with the best hand-picked articles all around design, code, AI, design tools, no-code tools, developer tools, and, of course, design ops.

Adam Silver’s Newsletter

Adam Silver’s Newsletter🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by Adam Silver

Every week, Adam Silver sends out a newsletter aimed at designers, content designers, and front-end developers. It includes short and sweet, evidence-based design tips, mostly about forms UX, but not always.

Smashing Newsletter

Smashing Newsletter🗓 Delivered every Tuesday
🖋 Written by the Smashing Editorial team

Every Tuesday, we publish the Smashing Newsletter with useful tips and techniques on front-end and UX, covering everything from design systems and UX research to CSS and JavaScript. Each issue is curated, written, and edited with love and care, no third-party mailings or hidden advertising.


UX Design Weekly🗓 Delivered every Monday
🖋 Written by Kenny Chen

UX Design Weekly provides you with a weekly dose of hand-picked user experience design links. Every issue features articles, tools and resources, a UX portfolio, and a quote to spark ideas and get you thinking.

UX Collective

UX Collective🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by Fabricio Teixeira and Caio Braga

“Designers are thinkers as much as they are makers.” Following this credo, the UX Collective newsletter helps designers think more critically about their work. Every issue highlights thought-provoking reads, little gems, tools, and resources.

Built For Mars

Built For Mars🗓 Delivered every few weeks
🖋 Written by Peter Ramsey

The Built for Mars newsletter brings Peter Ramsey’s UX research straight to your inbox. It includes in-depth UX case studies and bite-sized UX ideas and experiments.

NN Group

NN Group🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by the Nielsen Norman Group

Studying users around the world, the Nielsen Norman Group provides research-based UX guidance. If you don’t want to miss their latest articles and videos about usability, design, and UX research, you can subscribe to the NN/g newsletter to stay up-to-date.

UX Notebook

UX Notebook🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by Sarah Doody

The UX Notebook Newsletter is aimed at UX and product professionals who want to learn how to apply UX and design principles to design and grow their teams, products, and careers.

Smart Interface Design Patterns

Smart Interface Design Patterns🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by Vitaly Friedman

Every issue of the Smart Interface Design Patterns newsletter is dedicated to a common interface challenge and how to solve it to avoid issues down the line. A treasure chest of design patterns and UX techniques.

UX Weekly

UX Weekly🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by the Interaction Design Foundation

The Interaction Design Foundation is known for their UX courses and webinars for both aspiring designers and advanced professionals. Their UX Weekly newsletter delivers design tips and educational material to help you leverage the power of design.

Design With Care

Design With Care🗓 Delivered every first Tuesday of a month
🖋 Written by Alex Bilstein

Healthcare systems desparately need UX designers to improve the status quo for both healthcare professionals and patients. The Design With Care newsletter empowers UX designers to create better healthcare experiences and make an impact that matters.

UX Writing & Content Strategy

The UX Gal

The UX Gal🗓 Delivered every Monday
🖋 Written by Slater Katz

Whether you’re about to start your UX content education or want to get better at UX writing, The UX Gal newsletter is for you. Every Monday, Slater Katz sends out a new newsletter with prompts, thoughts, and exercises to build your UX writing and content design skills.

UX Content Collective

UX Content🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by the UX Content Collective

The newsletter by the UX Content Collective is perfect for anyone interested in content design. In it, you’ll find curated UX writing resources, new job openings, and exclusive discounts.


Content Strategy: GatherContent🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by the GatherContent team

The GatherContent newsletter is a weekly email full of content strategy goodies. It features articles, webinars and masterclasses, new books, free templates, and industry news.

User Research

User Research Academy

User Research Academy🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by Nikki Anderson

If you want to get more creative and confident when conducting user research, the User Research Academy might be for you. With carefully curated articles, podcasts, events, books, and academic resources all around user research, the newsletter is perfect for beginners and senior UX researchers alike.

User Weekly

User Weekly🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by Jan Ahrend

What mattered in UX research this week? To keep you up-to-date on trends, methods, and insights across the UX research industry, Jan Ahrend captures the pulse of the UX research community in his User Weekly newsletter.

User Interviews

UX Research🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by the User Interviews team

The UX Research Newsletter by the folks at User Interviews delivers the latest UX research articles, reports, podcast episodes, and special features. For professional user researchers just like teams who need to conduct user research without a dedicated research team.

Baymard Institute

Baymard Institute🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by the Baymard Institute

User experience, web design, and e-commerce are the topics which the Baymard Institute newsletter covers. It features ad-free full-length research articles to give you precious insights into the field.

Interaction Design

Design Spells

Design Spells🗓 Delivered every other Sunday
🖋 Written by Chester How, Duncan Leo, and Rick Lee

Whether it’s micro-interactions or easter eggs, Design Spells celebrates the design details that feel like magic and add a spark of delight to a design.

Justin Volz’s Newsletter

Justin Volz’s Newsletter🖋 Written by Justin Volz

Getting you ready for the future of motion design is the goal of Justin Volz’s newsletter. It features UX motion design trends, new UX motion design articles, and more to “make your UI tap dance.”

Design Systems & Figma

Design System Guide

Design System Guide🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by Romina Kavcic

Accompanying her interactive step-by-step guide to design systems, Romina Kavcic sends out the weekly Design System Guide newsletter on all things design systems, design process, and design strategy.


Figmalion🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by Eugene Fedorenko

The Figmalion newsletter keeps you up-to-date on what is happening in the Figma community, with curated design resources and a weekly roundup of Figma and design tool news.

Information Architecture


Informaction🗓 Delivered every other Sunday
🖋 Written by Jorge Arango

The Informa(c)tion newsletter explores the intersection of information, cognition, and design. Each issue includes an essay about information architecture and/or personal knowledge management and a list of interesting links.

Product Design

Product Design Challenges

Product Design Challenges🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by Artiom Dashinsky

How about a weekly design challenge to work on your core design skills, improve your portfolio, or prepare for your next job interview? The Weekly Product Design Challenges newsletter has got you covered. Every week, Artiom Dashinsky shares a new exercise inspired and used by companies like Facebook, Google, and WeWork to interview UX design candidates.


Fundament🗓 Delivered every other Thursday
🖋 Written by Arkadiusz Radek and Mateusz Litarowicz

With Fundament, Arkadiusz Radek and Mateusz Litarowicz created a place to share what they’ve learned in their ten-year UX and Product Design careers. The newsletter is about the things that matter in design, the practicalities of the job, the lesser-known bits, and content that will help you grow as a UX or Product Designer.

Case Study Club

Case Study Club🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by Jan Haaland

How do people design digital products? With curated UX case studies, the Case Study Club newsletter grants insights into other designers’ processes.

Ethical Design & Sustainability

Ethical Design Network

Ethical Design Network🗓 Delivered monthly
🖋 Written by Trine Falbe

The Ethical Design Network is a space for digital professionals to share, discuss, and self-educate about ethical design. You can sign up to the newsletter to receive monthly news, resources, and event updates all around ethical design.

Sustainable UX

Sustainable UX🗓 Delivered monthly
🖋 Written by Thorsten Jonas

As designers, we have to take responsibility for more than our users. Shining a light on how to design and build more sustainable digital products, the SUX Newsletter by the Sustainable UX Network helps you stand up to that responsibility.


AI Goodies

AI Goodies🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by Ioana Teleanu

A brand-new newsletter on AI, design, and UX goodies comes from Ioana Teleanu: AI Goodies. Every week, it covers the latest resources, trends, news, and tools from the world of AI.



d.MBA🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by Alen Faljic

Learning business can help you become a better designer. The d.MBA newsletter is your weekly source of briefings from the business world, hand-picked for the design community by Alen Faljic and the d.MBA team.

Career & Leadership

Dan Mall Teaches

UX Business and Career🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by Dan Mall

Tips, tricks, and tools about design systems, process, and leadership, delivered to your inbox every week. That’s the Dan Mall Teaches newsletter.


Stratatics🗓 Delivered weekly
🖋 Written by Ryan Rumsey

To do things differently, you must look at your work in a new light. That’s the idea behind the Stratatics newsletter. Each week, Ryan Rumsey provides design leaders and executives (and those who work alongside them) with a new idea to reimagine and deliver their best work.

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