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Black Friday 2019: Support Indie Makers

by Rachel Andrew

Rather than do a round-up of the best deals available this Black Friday, we decided to do a round-up of the best independent products and makers. If you have money to spend, why not send some of this to folk creating great stuff in our community.

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Smashing Cat brewing a fresh, tasty cappuccino.

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A friendly community that keeps this website alive. With books, webinars, discounts and networking — for just 1 coffee a month. Join the family.

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Programmatically Discovering Sharing Code With oEmbed

by Drew McLellan

Many sites have hosted media and content that can be shared elsewhere by the use of some HTML embed code. What happens if you just have the URL of the item and need to find an embeddable version of the media without human intervention? That is where …

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Is There A Future Beyond Writing Great Code?

by Ronald Mendez

Many developers get to a point in their careers in which they’ve achieved many of their goals and wonder about the future. Although some are confident continuing down the same road, others might feel the urge to explore different options in which …

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Smashing Cat filming for Smashing TV.

New on Smashing TV

A channel where seasoned developers show how they design, build, work and play. Coming up next: Building A CSS Layout, Live with Rachel Andrew (Dec 10).

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Just released

Meet “Inclusive Components”:
Accessible Front-End Patterns.

Our new practical book on building accessible and robust interfaces. From accordions and buttons to modals and tables. With bulletproof code samples. Written by Heydon Pickering.

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Person Of The Week

Leonardo Losoviz (@losoviz) is a freelance developer and consultant on an ongoing quest to integrate innovative paradigms (Serverless PHP, server-side components, GraphQL) into existing PHP frameworks (WordPress, Symfony, Laravel), and unifying all of them into a single mental model. He gives account of his progress on his blog, writing articles, and speaking at events across the globe. Leonardo also created PoP, an open-source project for building applications based on server-side components, and authored an improved version of GraphQL. Thank you for sharing and caring, dear Leonardo!

Featured Smashing Book

Design Systems

Meet Design Systems, a recent Smashing book in which Alla Kholmatova explores how to set up an effective design system to create great digital products. With common traps, gotchas and lessons learned.

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Design Systems, a new Smashing book