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State Of GDPR In 2021: Key Updates And What They Mean

by Danny Bluestone

As digital practitioners, GDPR has impacted every facet of our professional and personal lives. Whether you’re addicted to Instagram, message your family on WhatsApp, buy products from Etsy or Google information, no one has escaped the rules that were introduced in 2018.

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Building Your Own Personal Learning Curriculum

by Kirsty Simmonds

As developers, we’re constantly learning new languages and frameworks. But how can you structure this learning to ensure maximum benefit while still progressing? Here’s how you can devise your own curriculum to keep moving in the right direction.

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Context And Variables In The Hugo Static Site Generator

by Kristian Lumme

In this article, we take a look at the topic of context and variables in Hugo, a popular static site generator. You’ll understand concepts such as the global context, flow control, and variables in Hugo templates, as well as data flow from content files through templates to partials and base templates.

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The Smashing Cat exploring new insights, at Smashing Workshops, of course.

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Optimizing Video For Size And Quality

by Doug Sillars

Adding video to your application can increase customer engagement and satisfaction. But the exact opposite can occur when there are issues with the video playback: video stalls are frustrating and drive customers away. In this article, we’ll walk through the steps to optimize the video on your website to ensure fast playback and reduce stalls.

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Building A Web App With React, Redux And

by Ifeanyi Dike

Headless CMS is a powerful and easy way to manage content and access API. Built on React, is a seamless tool for flexible content management. It can be used to build simple to complex applications from the ground up. In this article, Ifeanyi explains how to build a simple listing app with and React. The global states will be managed with Redux and the application will be styled with styled-components.

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Getting The Most Out Of Git

by Tobias Günther

In this article, Tobias explores some of the less known but very useful features in Git. You’ll learn how to recover deleted commits, clean up your commit history, use submodules to manage third-party code and compose commits with precision — along with a friendly Git cheat sheet.

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Meet “Click!”: Encourage Clicks
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Our new book on how to boost business KPIs, build trust and address doubts effectively — without alienating people along the way. By Paul Boag.

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