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WordPress Security As A Process

by Luc Princen

Last year, WordPress was responsible for 83% of infected content management sites. Make sure you’re not contributing to those infections and learn how to securely manage WordPress.

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BEM For Beginners: Why You Need BEM

by Inna Belaya

CSS styles isolation is the most frequent start point of the BEM usage. But this is the least that BEM can give you. BEM brings a system approach in your project and keeps it from the mess.

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SmashingConf Toronto 2018

Live sessions exploring how experts design, build, debug and think. With Dan Mall, Lea Verou, Sara Soueidan, Seb Lee-Delisle etc. A different kind of conference. It doesn’t get more practical than that.

Explore all speakers and topics → Welcome SmashingConf #noslides, a brand new conference in Toronto, full of <strong>interactive live sessions</strong>, showing how web designers design and how web developers build — including setup, workflow, design thinking, naming conventions and everything in-between.

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fantasai the person of the week

Person Of The Week

Having joined the CSS Working Group as an invited expert in 2004, Elika J. Etemad, better known as fantasai, has edited many of the CSS specifications as a specwriter — from CSS 2.1 to Flexbox and CSS Grid Layout. She’s also a former Mozilla layout engine QA. Thank you for making CSS better and smarter, dear fantasai!

Dylan Araps

Pure Bash Bible

The Pure Bash Bible documents pure bash alternatives to external processes. Using the snippets can help you remove unneeded dependencies from scripts and, thus, improve performance.

Design Systems

Is your pattern library up to date today? Alla Kholmatova has just finished a fully fledged book on Design Systems and how to get them right. With common traps, gotchas and the lessons she learned. Hardcover, eBook. Just sayin'.

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