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Collins is a web developer by day and a freelance writer and blogger by night. Developer of the popular ProfilePress - Best WordPress user registration, login & profile plugin as well as MailOptin - Ultimate Lead Generation, Email Automation & Newsletter Plugin When not wrangling with code, he is fond of sleeping on the couch and writing at his personal blog. Follow him on Twitter @w3guy.

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Obfuscating Blacklisted Words In WordPress With ROT13

Countless algorithms for encrypting data exist in computer science. One of the lesser known and less common encryptions is ROT13, a derivative of the Caesar cypher encryption technique.

Encrypting Blacklisted Words In WordPress With ROT13

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about ROT13 encryption and how it works. We’ll see how text (or strings) can be programmatically encoded in ROT13 using PHP. Finally, we’ll code a WordPress plugin that scans a post for blacklisted words and replaces any in ROT13 encryption.


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