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Alok Jain leads the User Experience and Design practice at 3Pillar Global, focussing on building innovative products that deliver business results. Prior to 3Pillar he has helped many startups take ideas from just a few bulleted points to a launch and growth stage as well as with Fortune 500 companies designing large content management solutions, eCommerce applications, business applications, collaborations tools and more.

Prior to 3Pillar, Alok led the Design and Product management at Insight Methods, Worked with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to redesign their entire auction system that generates several billions of dollars in revenue to the US Government, designed a bus route management system for Disney and established one of India's largest User Experience competencies with over 120 members. He is also an entrepreneur and has founded 2 software product companies.

He is passionate about Design and Innovation. Outside of his work, you'll find him exploring new technologies like Ardiuno, 3D Printing, Wearables and more. More about him on LinkedIn.

Twitter: Follow Alok Jain on Twitter

Off To The Races: Getting Started With Design Sprints

Many modern software development best practices draw on influences from the industrial era and concepts like specialization, where individuals with specialized skills worked in an assembly line to mass-produce physical products. These practices from the world of manufacturing have come to influence how things are done when designing and building software products as well.

Off To The Races: Getting Started With Design Sprints

Lean thinking is one of the latest approaches software development companies have adopted to maximize value and reduce wasted effort and resources. It does so by breaking down an objective into a series of experiments. Each experiment starts with a hypothesis that is tested and validated. The output of each experiment informs the future direction. This is similar to the idea of “sprints” in the agile world, where the overall product roadmap is divided into smaller and meaningful bodies of work.


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