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Bryan James is a freelance interactive specialist with a penchant for unifying premium design, development, animation and sound together within playful, innovative ideas which attempt to inspire and educate to produce smiles, goosebumps and award-winning results.

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The Making Of “In Pieces”: Designing an Interactive Exhibition With CSS Clip Paths

Web-based interactive experiences are widely used in the modern age for a variety of reasons, predominantly for the advertising of premium high-street products and services. After discovering the little-known clip-path property of CSS, I embarked upon a five-month interactive production journey of my own with a different purpose: to raise awareness of the struggles of 30 similarly little-known endangered species.

The Making Of 'In Pieces': Designing an Interactive Exhibition With CSS Clip Paths

This article explores the inspiration for the project and aspects of how different parts were built, and I’ll dive into how you can use this greatly underrated line of CSS for your own projects.


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