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Smashing Conf San Francisco

We use ad-blockers as well, you know. We gotta keep those servers running though. Did you know that we publish useful books and run friendly conferences — crafted for pros like yourself? E.g. upcoming SmashingConf San Francisco, dedicated to smart front-end techniques and design patterns.


Christian Krammer is a web-designer from Austria, who lives there with his wife and 10-years old son. He was an avid Photoshop user once, but as soon as he got a Mac he switched over to Sketch and never went back again. Since then he literally lives in the design app and knows it inside out. Christian has designed everything you can imagine in Sketch, from websites to apps and icons, even print material.

He shares his knowledge about the application on now for almost three years and has helped countless designers to become more versatile in the design app. His Sketch courses on Skillshare also supported many to brush up their skills. Christian is the author of “The Sketch Handbook”, that was released recently from Smashing Magazine. It features everything you ever wanted to know about designing with Sketch on 376 pages.

When he’s not tinkering around with Sketch he enjoys to do some sports or watch a good movie. By the way, his all-time favorite is Fight Club. Family and nature are very important for Christian and he loves to spend time outdoors.

Twitter: Follow Christian Krammer on Twitter

How To Set Up A Print Style Sheet

In a time when everyone seems to have a tablet, which makes it possible to consume everything digitally, and the only real paper we use is bathroom tissue, it might seem odd to write about the long-forgotten habit of printing a Web page. Nevertheless, as odd as it might seem to visionaries and tablet manufacturers, we’re still far from the reality of a paperless world.


In fact, tons of paper float out of printers worldwide every day, because not everyone has a tablet yet and a computer isn’t always in reach. Moreover, many of us feel that written text is just better consumed offline. Because I love to cook, sometimes I print recipes at home, or emails and screenshots at work, even though I do so as rarely as possible out of consideration for the environment.


The Future Of CSS: Experimental CSS Properties

Despite contemporary browsers supporting a wealth of CSS3 properties, most designers and developers seem to focus on the quite harmless properties such as border-radius, box-shadow or transform. These are well documented, well tested and frequently used, and so it’s almost impossible to not stumble on them these days if you are designing websites.



But hidden deep within the treasure chests of browsers are advanced, heavily underrated properties that don’t get that much attention. Perhaps some of them rightly so, but others deserve more recognition. The greatest wealth lies under the hood of WebKit browsers, and in the age of iPhone, iPad and Android apps, getting acquainted with them can be quite useful.


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