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Smashing Conf Barcelona

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A young artist, currently living in Paris, who experiments in all sorts of mediums (digital and hands-on) and loves the feeling of finishing a project.

Twitter: Follow Dorota Pankowska on Twitter


Illustrating Animals With 13 Circles: A Drawing Challenge And Tutorial

Editor's Note: New year, new challenges! You might have set up your New Year's resolutions already, but if not, how about designing something... different for a change? Today, we're happy to introduce Dorota, an artist who created a fun little project last year that was inspired by Twitter's new logo based on 13 circles. Below you'll find the lessons Dorota has learned along the process, so maybe you'd like to embark on a similar journey as well?

Illustrating Animals With 13 Circles: A Tutorial And Drawing Challenge

If you can make a bird out of circles, then you can probably make all sorts of animals. I wanted to add something more design-based to my portfolio, so I made that my personal challenge. The idea was to draw animals from exactly 13 circles, and I decided to match that number by making 13 animals. This makes for a nicer title for the project, and it helps to get others to share it around the web, too. Knowing what you want to create early on helps, because then all you have to do is figure out ways to make it happen.


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