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Einar Þór Gústafsson co-founded GetLocal, an Icelandic travel startup where he leads product management and business development. Over the past years he has helped some of the world's largest banks drive experience design, innovation and development through his role as VP of Product at Meniga. Einar also co-founded and chaired the Icelandic web industry association (SVEF) where he helped organize the IceWeb conference a web design conference held in Iceland since 2006. You can follow @einargustafsson and read his hardly ever updated blog on or Medium.

Twitter: Follow Einar Þór Gústafsson on Twitter

Facebook: einar.thor.gustafsson

Removing Friction In UX: Last-Minute Travel Planning And Activity Booking (A Case Study)

Most travellers make last-minute decisions, even though they spend significant time researching things to do before embarking on their trip. Finding a hotel and flight is relatively easy, but when it comes to tours and activities, the problem is that late or last-minute bookings are not always available.

Removing Friction In UX: Last-Minute Travel Planning And Activity Booking

And if they are available, the process of making a purchase online is often hard. The mobile experience can also be limited because many websites are slow or their booking process is long and complex.


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