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Fabio Benedetti is a creative Italian Designer and design enthusiast. He moved to the UK in 2007 after studying Languages and Humanities Computing at University of Pisa in Tuscany. He is now working as Visual Designer at Apple. His fields of expertise include UI design, Icon design and Software design. He also creates characters illustration and branding for various clients in his spare time. You can find some of his latest works on his Dribbble Page.

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Switching From Adobe Fireworks To Sketch: 10 Tips And Tricks

Transitions can be painful. It is in our nature to resist change, even when the possibility of doing something new and different may be exciting. Changing your workflow can be a real challenge if you don’t know where to start or understand how to embark on the change.

Switching From Adobe Fireworks To Sketch: 10 Tips And Tricks

I’ve met with many designers (graphic, interaction, UI, etc.) who stick to old software because they are familiar and in their comfort zone, or because they are too scared to take the “leap of faith” and try something new (even when they know their old software does not allow them to work efficiently and effectively enough).


How To Design A Rocket Icon In Adobe Fireworks

Many people know that Fireworks is a great tool for web design, prototyping and UI design. But what about icon design? Icon design is a very specific skill that overlaps illustration, screen design and, of course, visual design. An icon designer needs to understand lighting, proportions and, most importantly, the context of the icon itself.

Designing A Rocket Icon In Adobe Fireworks

The BBC published an interesting article about icon design and skeuomorphism one year ago, titled "What Is Skeuomorphism?" It’s definitely worth reading because it explains why icons often reflect the real world and the thinking behind it.


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