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Author Hannah Kühne & Madlaina Kalunder

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Hannah Kühne is a Frontend-Developer with a special focus on UI and UX design based in Switzerland. Keeping up with the latest technologies, she’s always trying to find new opportunities (or possibilities) for interactive and engaging experiences. She loves data visualization and web animations almost as much as she loves Onigiri-Emojis.

Madlaina Kalunder is a Game Designer and Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Interactive Technologies at the FHNW, Switzerland. She has a lot of experience in conceptualizing and developing immersive and innovative solutions to a wide array of problems. Professionally, she is obsessed with everything 3D, with a focus on WebXR and Human-Computer-Interaction. She’s not too keen on her cats sneezing on her windows, but she loves tinkering with 3d printers, gaming, and visiting new places in her free time.