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Heather Burns is a tech policy professional and an advocate for an open Internet which upholds the human rights to privacy, accessibility, and freedom of expression. She’s been passionate about privacy since she built her first web site in 1996, and has translated those beliefs into a career spanning politics, web development, startups, and digital rights. She was a volunteer contributor to privacy initiatives in several open source projects, and educated thousands of contributors in the fundamentals of user privacy. Her work has seen her named Smashing Magazine’s Person of the Week, a Mozilla Open Leader, and in 2022, an Internet Society Mid-Career Fellow. She lives in Glasgow, Scotland.

Understanding Privacy

Privacy is a scary topic? It doesn’t have to be. Our new book Understanding Privacy helps you understand what data privacy is really about beyond scary headlines. It is an introduction to the beliefs, concepts, and ideas that inform privacy as it exists — or has failed to exist — on the open web that we build. Whether you’re a designer, developer, or project manager, this book will equip you with the knowledge you need to put your users first in everything you do and build a better web for tomorrow. Jump to table of contents.

288 pages. High quality hardcover. Written by Heather Burns.

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