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Smashing Conf Barcelona

You know, we use ad-blockers as well. We gotta keep those servers running though. Did you know that we publish useful books and run friendly conferences — crafted for pros like yourself? E.g. our upcoming SmashingConf Barcelona, dedicated to smart front-end techniques and design patterns.


Igor is a Toronto-based Product Designer with more than 12 years of experience in UX/UI design, illustration and animation. He is currently busy with his pet project Uelco (an app for onboarding new hires). Igor is fond of traveling, skydiving and craft beer. Check out his Dribbble and Twitter accounts.

Twitter: Follow Igor Izhik on Twitter

Facebook: izhik

How To Create Dramatic Vector Illustrations

I have been drawing desktop wallpapers for Smashing Magazine's monthly collections for over a year now, and every time it's a very fun and challenging mission. In this article, I would like to share how I approach all stages of the process and provide general techniques for creating vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. Hopefully, you will find these techniques useful.

How To Create A Dramatic Vector Illustration

While referring to a particular drawing — the illustration for the "Understand Yourself" desktop wallpaper, which was featured in May's wallpaper collection this year — I'll also highlight key takeaways from my experience as an illustrator and designer.


Find A Friend, Boost Your Creativity, And Make Your Digital Dream Come True

Are you passionate about something? Do you have a secret project? Not something that will change the world (though who knows?), but will definitely change you? Do you have a friend who complements your skills? Has anyone recently asked you for help with their project? Do you just have a digital dream, or is there also a plan to make it come true?

Find A Friend, Boost Your Creativity, And Make Your Digital Dream Come True

Every professional has something in common. It’s called the comfort zone. The first sign you're in it is when you see no challenge on the horizon. You know pretty much everything you need to perform well, and if anything unfamiliar comes your way it can be solved fairly quickly. It can take a while to realize you've stopped moving, and working on freelance projects seems like the only way to keep your brain busy.


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