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From the very beginning of her career, Iryna has been passionate about how people and organisations expressing who they are. She began with designing brand identities for financial and industrial companies; then she switched to retail sector to help polish retail brands enter the era of iPad magazine apps. Now she is a Senior Visual Designer at Upnext, a Warsaw-based software agency where she creates visual identities for digital products. She recently has focused on lean branding for startups. Iryna tweets at @iranezhynska and has a published her work on her Dribbble blog, too.

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How To Get A Logo Accepted: 8 Steps To A Better Design Workflow

As logo and brand designers, our work starts long before the first concept sketches, and finishes long after the last perfectly placed pixel. Our work requires so much more than just creative ideas and technical skills — it compels us to be a marketer, strategist, psychologist, salesperson, showman and project manager at the same time. It's difficult, but it’s also exciting and challenging!

A Logo Design Workflow

The goal of my article is to help you rethink your (logo) design workflow. Some of these tips are mine, others are borrowed from world-famous designers. All these tips and tricks are tested and proven, and are tailored to improve your workflow for (re)branding projects.


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