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Author Jes Koepfler & Kieran Evans

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Jes has nearly a decade of experience conducting user research and evaluation across a variety of domains including nonprofits, education, gaming, healthcare and more. Jes applies her background in human computer interaction, information studies, and social psychology from her PhD at the University of Maryland to tackle complex research projects. In her role as Managing Director, she oversees a team of 20+ top notch researchers, designers, developers, and relationship strategists at Intuitive Company.

Kieran has spent the last 15 years designing visually compelling and usable responsive websites, mobile applications, and interactive experiences for major nonprofit, financial, and healthcare clients ( He enjoys puzzling out solutions, regardless of the platform or vertical, and creating interactive prototypes (of varying degrees of fidelity) to better understand the nuances of interaction. He currently works as Director of Design at Intuitive Company, a user-centered research, design, and development company based in Philadelphia.

Getting (Dis)Connected: Shallow Interaction Design For Deeper Human Experiences