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Jonathan Courtney is the UX Director and Founding Partner of AJ&Smart, a User Experience and Product Design Agency in Berlin, Germany. He helps companies and organisations like the United Nations, Lufthansa and Zalando create better products faster. Follow him on Twitter, or ask him anything on Snapchat !

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A Framework For Brainstorming Products

Brainstorming is notorious for being unstructured and often unactionable. People get in a room with some Post-its and whiteboards and expect the great ideas to happen. The problem is, even if there are great ideas in the room, there is often no clear-cut way to decide on what ideas to take action on.

A Framework For Brainstorming Products

About a year ago, I and my colleague Michael (founding partner at AJ&Smart) were sitting in a masterclass run by the fantastic Adrian Howard on the subject of feature prioritization in agile development. More specifically, we were asking how we could decide which feature comes next and when it should be released.


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