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Julia is a marketing expert and geek with a soft spot for new technologies and a law degree that remains utterly unused in every way. She currently works as marketing manager for UsabilityTools. She has extensive experience in B2B marketing including UI/UX, CRO as well as data analysis, and loves watching Game Of Thrones or playing Hearthstone.

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How To Conduct Website Localization – Don’t Get Lost In Translation

A common mistake with localized websites is considering the translated content to be just another version of the pages in the original language. Translation isn’t everything. Of course, for the user it’s all about the content: Is the content relevant and understandable and in line with the user’s cultural context?

Don't Get Lost In Translation: How To Conduct Website Localization

From a commercial point of view, when you decide to create and maintain a multilingual website, you have to consider many more points than just translation. We’ll explore some of the issues to think about when localizing a website.


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