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Julie Stanford is a founder of Sliced Bread Design (@slicedbreader), a user experience agency in Silicon Valley that’s been designing really cool stuff for the last ten years. She is also Lecturer at the Stanford where she teaches Cross Cultural Design. Julie has worked with Fortune 500 companies and two-person startups in a wide variety of fields, including energy, health, and personal finance, designing everything from websites to mobile phones to touch screens and voice interfaces.

10 Things To Think About When Designing Your iPad App

Like most well-designed things, the magic of an iPad app comes from a union of usefulness, usability and meaning. Games aside, the app must be useful by solving a problem that people actually have through the right set of functionality at the right time. It must be easy to use and, just as importantly, easy to get started using, without a lot of pesky setup and learning steps. And it must hold meaning for the user through visual beauty, an emotional connection, personal insights, etc.

Ten Things To Think About When Designing Your iPad App

In this article, we won’t outline the entire design process for creating an iPad app, but we will explore 10 of the key things to think about when designing your app (and planning the design process).


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