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Lauren Jung is the co-founder of The Shelf, where she does design, ux, neurotically organized CSS, marketing, blogging, and sales. A little bit of everything, but she's a designer at heart, and has recently become obsessed with streamlining creativity. While somewhat of an oxymoron, she's under the impression that working with extremely tight deadlines can really bring out your A-game. The Shelf has more articles like this one about marketing as well as super detailed posts about how to do influencer marketing like a boss.

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Designing Custom Images For Your Online Content, Faster!

Visual elements are a huge part of online publishing. Whether you are creating social media updates, blog posts, eBooks or slide decks on SlideShare, if your post contains images, then you’ll get exponentially better engagement. So, having a streamlined process for creating eye-catching images is imperative.

Designing Custom Images For Your Online Content, Faster!

This article will walk you through how to do just that, as well as provide you with a starter kit of tools to kickstart your foray into the exciting world of quick-and-dirty (yet still super-cool) image creation!


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