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Matthew Guay is a Bangkok based writer at Zapier, who enjoys finding ways to get more out of software and sharing that through Learning Center books and app reviews. He's also an amateur photographer and information architect. Feel free to get in touch with Matthew via Techinch.

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How To Offer More Personal Customer Support Through Effective Automation

Robots are great for cleaning the floor and are perfect for exploring the moon. They’re just not that great at customer support. The last thing your customers want is another “We received your message” email or “Thank you for holding” recording. Robots only succeed in making customers feel like another number, a dubious accomplishment for your team. They’re the opposite of the personal touch that effective support is supposed to be all about.

How To Offer More Personal Customer Support Through Effective Automation

It’s not that robots are useless. They’re great at repetitive tasks, perfect for finding data and remembering anything you’ve ever written down. As sidekicks, robots can help offer more personalized support, doing the tedious parts of support so that you can focus on actually solving problems. You just have to give them the right job. Here’s how to find the perfect job for your robots, so that you can automate support and offer more personalized, hands-on support at the same time.


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