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Author Maximilian Speicher & Johanna Jagow

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Maximilian (Max) Speicher is a scientist, researcher, and designer based in Barcelona. He’s Director of Product Design at BestSecret Group, co-founder of UX consulting firm Jagow Speicher, and, among other things, was previously a post-doc at the University of Michigan. He’s passionate about design, poetry, literature in general, video games, table soccer, drums, astronomy, cosmology, and ringtennis.

Johanna is a freelance UX Advisor, co-founder of UX consulting firm Jagow Speicher, and a researcher at heart. Working with UX teams around the world, she helps them mature their UX practice, run impactful research, and tackle change processes. Outside of work, she’s writing about all things UX Research, UX Management, and ResearchOps and is currently learning her eighth language.

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