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Michelle Chu is a product and design manager at Alpha UX, a real-time user feedback platform for product teams. Previously, Michelle was the Director of Program Management at Sideways, a digital creative agency, where she ran design and development for American Express and Sony products. In addition to having a strong background in visual design and UX, Michelle is an avid karaoke enthusiast, and co-organizes the Tech Karaoke Meetup in New York City.

Twitter: Follow Michelle Chu on Twitter

Optimizing Your Design For Rapid Prototype Testing

Product teams in startups and mid-sized and large companies are all implementing usability testing and prototyping as a way to de-risk product development. As the focus shifts from engineering to prototyping, it is becoming increasingly important for anyone who creates prototypes to understand the differences between a prototype and a product build.

Optimizing Your Design For Rapid Prototype Testing

By optimizing the prototyping process, you can produce mockups that deliver the most actionable user insights, while being as efficient as possible with design time. Regardless of which prototype tools you use or whether you test wireframes, clickable mockups or coded prototypes, what’s most important to focus on is what you want to test and what you want to learn from it.


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