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Author Richard Leddy

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Richard Leddy has been writing all kinds of programs since his days at the university. Starting as a research assistant, he wrote programs in C, C++, and other languages for gathering physical data and displaying it on screens. It started in the early 1980s with speech waves and spectrograms and has continued since then. There have been occasions for writing programs for rendering holographic gratings, for writing programs for real-time operating systems for experiments having to do with interacting with hardware for AI and ground ops for space shuttles, Linux device drivers for pulling image frames of faults from custom hardware, embedded systems, and now Arduinos and similar devices that take measurements such as temperature or record speech and play music. All this has been interspersed with AI systems that figure out to make movies, educational multimedia, web page development, and more. Web pages that talk to physical devices are yet another step in this process.

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