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Sébastien Fragnaud is a front-end engineer at Metamarkets, a company specialized in real-time analytics for the advertising market. He loves JavaScript and is an active contributor to the AngularJS open-source ecosystem.

An Introduction To Unit Testing In AngularJS Applications

AngularJS has grown to become one of the most popular single-page application frameworks. Developed by a dedicated team at Google, the outcome is substantial and widely used in both community and industry projects.

An Introduction To Unit Testing In AngularJS Applications

One of the reasons for AngularJS’ success is its outstanding ability to be tested. It’s strongly supported by Karma (the spectacular test runner written by Vojta Jína) and its multiple plugins. Karma, combined with its fellows Mocha, Chai and Sinon, offers a complete toolset to produce quality code that is easy to maintain, bug-free and well documented.


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