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Smashing Conf Barcelona

You know, we use ad-blockers as well. We gotta keep those servers running though. Did you know that we publish useful books and run friendly conferences — crafted for pros like yourself? E.g. our upcoming SmashingConf Barcelona, dedicated to smart front-end techniques and design patterns.


Sherri Alexander is a front-end developer in the Boston area who delights in bringing web designs to life. She's been making browsers dance to her tune since the olden days of the web, when background images were a neat new idea. When she's not coding, Sherri indulges her inner geek by watching Mythbusters, playing video games, and hosting tabletop gaming nights.

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Choosing A Responsive Image Solution

If you code websites, it’s a good bet that at least one of your clients has asked about or requested a mobile-friendly website. If you go the responsive design route (whereby your website is flexible enough to adjust visually from mobile to desktop widths), then you’ll need a strategy to make images flexible, too — a responsive image solution.

Choosing A Responsive Image Solution

The basics are fairly simple to learn, but once you’ve mastered them, you’ll find that scaling images is only the beginning — you might also have performance and art direction conundrums to solve.


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