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Slobodan Stojanović is CTO of Montréal-based software development agency Cloud Horizon and organizer of JS Belgrade meetups. He loves JavaScript and Open Source and in the past few months he is mostly experimenting with node.js, chat bots, offline web apps and apps that will eventually be able to work on Mars.

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How To Develop A Chat Bot With Node.js

In the past few months, chat bots have become very popular, thanks to Slack, Telegram and Facebook Messenger. But the chat bot idea is not new at all.

How To Develop A Chat Bot With Node.js

A chat bot interface is mentioned in the famous Turing test in 1950. Then there was Eliza in 1966, a simulation of a Rogerian psychotherapist and an early example of primitive natural language processing. After that came Parry in 1972, a simulation of a person with paranoid schizophrenia (and, yes, of course, Parry met Eliza).


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