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Trine Falbe is a former creative web project manager at a large regional Danish newspaper. Nowadays she teaches UI design at the Nordic Multimedia Academy in Denmark. Occasionally you can also find her speaking at creative conferences around Europe.Trine Falbe has been working professionally with Internet related things since 2001. She currently teaches UX, IXD, UID and presentation skills at the Multimedia Designer Program in Denmark. Alongside her teaching, she works on (mostly digital) projects as a UX consultant. She has spoken at various conferences in Europe about UX and presentation skills.

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Designing Web Interfaces For Kids

Kids spend a lot of time online, and their cognitive and physical limitations present many challenges to them when they do so. Pair that with poorly designed content and dark patterns, and you have a bad mix. As designers on the web, we have a responsibility to create things that empower kids and make them smarter, not the opposite.

Designing Web Interfaces For Kids

This article will give you some insights about what kids are like from the psychological point of view, and how this affects the way they use the web. We’ll also cover practical design guidelines to create better web stuff for kids.


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