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Wesley Hales is a software developer at Apigee, working from North GA. He’s served in a number of roles over the last several years, from implementing multiple JSRs and leading communities at Red Hat, to leading local communities and building the second largest HTML5 user group in the world in Atlanta. He is the author of HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps and the creator of many open source projects – most notably onslyde and loadreport.js.

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Reinventing The Tech Conference Experience

If you had to name one thing that could have been better at the last conference or meetup you attended, what would it be? I bet you’d say that the content or the interaction could have been better in some way. I created Onslyde to solve this problem. It’s a free service and open-source project that (hopefully) will make public speaking easier and conferences better.

Reinventing The Tech Conference Experience

The motivation for the project came from my own speaking engagements in the tech industry. I wanted to see how many people in the audience actually agreed or disagreed with what I was saying. I also wanted to leverage their experience and knowledge to create a better learning environment.


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