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Will started his first web company in high school. Now he consults, writes university courses and speaks internationally, at events like TEDx, Random Hacks of Kindness and Startup Weekend. He’s a Director at Squareweave and founder of various startups. Tweet @willdayble for high fives.

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Facebook: 1047886339

Whiteboards, Visions And Banned Words How To Help A Real-Life Knight Achieve His Goals

This article is about design consultancy. It’s about wrangling that client who uses empty sentences like, “We want a snappy, simple experience,” or, “It should be on brand and should really pop.”

How To Help A Real-Life Knight Achieve His Goals

It’s about commanding the room and setting a vision before moving on to wireframes and pixels. While I’ll talk in terms of consultation, these ideas can be applied to the design phase of any new project.


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