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Woody is a freelance web developer and writer based in Devon, United Kingdom. He specializes in front end development, WordPress and Drupal. When not working on projects he likes to make responsive HTML5 templates, quirky CSS3 animations and browse the internet looking at various new techniques and design trends.

WordPress Functions To Make Blogging Easier

The WordPress functions.php theme file provides an efficient way of modifying WordPress on a theme by theme basis. This file contains mostly theme related functions but it can also be used to enhance or modify default WordPress behavior. This file is saved inside the themes' folder and a limitless amount of modifications can be added.

WordPress Functions.php overview

In this article I'd like to share a few helpful functions that use WordPress default code to modify or enhance our blog's behavior. By relying on default code we can program changes that will work on all versions of WordPress and in all themes. Any modifications added to the functions.php file will only activate on the current theme, giving us control over changes on a theme by theme basis. As opposed to creating a plugin, using this file for customizations allows us to control which theme does or does not benefit from any changes.


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