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Author Yegor Tsynkevich & Vadim Slavin

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Yegor is the founder and creative director at 415Agency, a digital experience design studio based in San Francisco. With over 15 years in technology and his expertise spanning user experience and interaction design, product development, and IT business consulting, Yegor combines a strong business acumen, hands-on experience in web/app development with a creative approach to solving design challenges. 415Agency Team under his direction has a track of successful projects, creating smooth and engaging UX and UI solutions for startups and established companies. So far his team has advised and helped over 70 Bay Area startup companies.

Vadim is a software engineer, a solutions architect, experiential learner, tireless hustler, research scientist, and an entrepreneur with experience in advanced research in information science and human-systems interactions. Currently, Vadim is the Chief Operations Officer and the Co-Founder of VERITAMO and a partner at Monthly Ventures.

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