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How To Create A Helpful And Better 404 Page

The Developer’s Guide To Conflict-Free JavaScript And CSS In WordPress

Imagine you’re playing the latest hash-tag game on Twitter when you see this friendly tweet: “You might want to check your #WP site. It includes two copies of jQuery. Nothing’s broken, but loading time will be slower.” sm-wp-css-js You check your source code, and sure enough you see this:

What went wrong? The first copy of jQuery is included the WordPress way, while some-plugin includes jQuery as you would on a static HTML page. A number of JavaScript frameworks are included in WordPress by default.

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How To Write CSS For Others

The Neglected Necessities Of Design

Optimizing Error Pages: Creating Opportunities Out Of Mistakes

Lessons Learned From Maintaining A WordPress Plugin

Website Maintenance Tips for Front-End Developers

A responsive sad cat, crying for attention (literally!).

No need to be sad!

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