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Free Airmail Shipping Delivery Times

Free Shipping

All packages are shipped by airmail from Germany. We'll send the item as fast as we can, but delivery times also depend on your local postal service and may significantly vary. Below is a list of estimates; we can't guarantee them as they aren entirely under our control though.

The Smashing Cat is heading back to New York.
Quick Summary

Within EU, items are usually delivered within 3–5 days. For non-Shenghen European countries it takes up to 7–10 days. For other continents, it might take as much as 15 days. All books are shipped via airmail from Germany.

Delivery times by country

If your country isn’t included below, it means that we don’t have an accurate estimate just yet. We ship to all countries in the world via airmail. If you have any questions, please contact us any time (please include your order number) or send us a tweet.

We try to do our best to ship items as fast as possible, but unfortunately delivery times aren't entirely under our control. No worries: if the items doesn't get delivered in time, we'll fully refund you: no questions asked!