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Addy Osmani

Success At Scale (eBook)

Success At Scale (eBook)

ePUB, Kindle, PDF

$ 19.00

Success at Scale is a curated collection of best-practice case studies capturing how production sites of different sizes tackle performance, accessibility, capabilities, and developer experience at scale. Case studies are from industry experts from teams at Instagram, Shopify, Netflix, eBay, Figma, Spotify, Wix, Lyft, LinkedIn, and many more. Guidance that stands the test of time.

  • Published on January 2024

About The Book

Join Addy Osmani, your curator, as we dive into a nuanced look at several key topics that will teach you tips and tricks that may help you optimize your own sites. The case studies fall into four major categories that impact almost every project — Performance, Capabilities, Accessibility, and Developer Experience — and the book also includes short interviews with contributors on what additional lessons, challenges, and tips they have to share some time after the case studies were written.

Rather than focusing on conventional project management steps and procedures, Success at Scale is about the ideas and processes that worked (and a few that didn’t), capturing challenges, frustrations, and wins through the eyes of the people who make change happen.

Curated by Addy Osmani. Cover art by Espen Brunborg. PDF, ePUB, and Kindle formats. Download a free sample (PDF, 14.7MB).

Who Is This Book For?

Success at Scale is for professional web developers and teams who want to deliver high-quality web experiences and are looking for real-world examples and insights. Every project is different, but in this book, you will recognize common challenges and frustrations faced by many teams — maybe even your own — and see how other developers conquered them. Success at Scale goes beyond beginner material to cover pragmatic approaches required to tackle these projects in the real world.

About The Author

Addy OsmaniAddy Osmani is an engineering leader working on Google Chrome. He leads up Chrome’s Developer Experience organization, helping reduce the friction for developers to build great user experiences.

Table of Contents

  1. PerformanceIncludes examples of measuring, budgeting, optimizing, and monitoring performance, in addition to tips for building a performance culture. With insights from teams at Instagram, Shopify, The Telegraph, Wix, Smashing Magazine, Tinder, Figma, Netflix, eBay, Yahoo Japan News, and Instant Domain Search.
  2. CapabilitiesThis section is about bridging the gap between native capabilities and the modern web. You’ll explore web apps, native apps, and progressive web applications. With insights from teams at Photoshop, Tinder,, OYO Lite, Pinterest, Spotify, and Mainline Menswear.
  3. AccessibilityAccessibility makes web apps viable for diverse users, including people with temporary or permanent disabilities. Most of us will have a disability at some point in our lives, and these case studies show how we can make the web work for all of us. With insights from teams at Wix, The Understood, Pinafore, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Intercom, Shopify, and YouTube.
  4. Developer ExperienceThis section is about building a project environment and culture that encourage support, growth, and problem-solving within teams. Strong teams build great projects! With insights from teams at Apideck, Facebook, Lyft, Notion, Bloomberg, Zoover, Vox News, Wix, and Auto Trader.

Technical Details

  • Formats: ePUB, Kindle, PDF (DRM-free)
  • Pages: 538
  • Language: English
  • Released: January 2024
  • Publisher: Smashing Media AG
  • ISBN (PDF): 978-3-910835-01-6

Success At Scale (eBook)

ePUB, Kindle, PDF

$ 19.00

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