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Upcoming Front-End & UX Conferences

Front-End & UX Conferences

We run SmashingConfs, practical and friendly conferences and community events. Join us online or in-person in Freiburg, New York, Antwerp or Online.

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What Are Smashing Events Like?

Smashing organises friendly, inclusive events focused on real-world problems and solutions. We organise about 3 hybrid SmashingConfs and six online-only Smashing Meets events per year.

Smashing Conferences take place in a few amazing locations over 3–5 days, 1 track, with 12 speakers, 300600 attendees, 3–6 workshops and a bunch of fun side events.

Smashing Meets are our free online community events, where we have a few speakers focusing on one topic, and have between 100–3,000 online attendees.

Smashing events are focused on front-end and UX, but it covers everything web, be it interface design or machine learning. That means a packed bundle of diverse, actionable insights for your work.

What’s the atmosphere like? Well, take a look at our Events YouTube Channel for some videos from previous events, and photos.

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Vitaly and dina Amin at SmashingConf Freiburg 2022 Having Fun at SmashingConf You Look Smashing Christine on Stage SmashingConf Antwerp opening Una Kravets in Lego land I heart this Lego Vitaly and Brad Q&A SmashingConf attendees building with Lego

That's a Smashing Experience. Photos by our good friend Marc Thiele.

Convince your boss template (PDF)
“Convince Your Boss” template, to help you tip the scale in your favor. You can download “Convince Your Boss” PDF as well.

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Are Smashing Events Really Special?

We’re putting our heart and soul into crafting personal, inclusive and valuable events for all of us to become better professionals. No fluff, no fillers, no multi-track experience and no large hotel halls. Instead, thoroughly curated speakers, sessions and hands-on workshops in a friendly, inspiring and exciting setting.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 2 days, 1 track, 300600 attendees,
  • Focus on real work & pain points,
  • Practical, actionable insights,
  • Live designing and coding sessions,
  • Hands-on workshops,
  • Approachable speakers,
  • Collaborative note-taking,
  • Job & hiring opportunities,
  • Diverse and safe space,
  • Inclusive and accessible space,
  • Challenges and fun side events,
  • Lightning talks by attendees,
  • Truly smashing time with people who care about their craft.

Smashing Members get up to 25% discount! Find the link in your Membership dashboard or sign up for Smashing Membership! We also have friendly discounts for large groups (5+ attendees) and students. Interested? Email us and we’ll sort it out!

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