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The Smashing Book #5

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Funny, Clever, Original Signs Part 2


This gallery presents the collection of photos submitted for the World Of Signage Photo Contest1 by the readers of Smashing Magazine. We received over 2,500+ photos from our readers across the globe, and present a selection of the most interesting photos in the overview below.

The topic of this gallery is Funny, Clever and Original signs, that with their portrayal of and often critique on human behavior garner the attention they deserve. Please notice: each photo has a certain license, provided in the description of the photo. Before using the images for private or commercial projects, make sure that the license allows you to do so. Also, you can click on the photos for a larger preview.

Please feel free to take a look at other submissions as well (links to other galleries are listed in the end of this gallery).

Funny, clever, original signs

Jesus News

Jesus News [ large preview2 ]
"LA Newspaper Machine with Jesus Plaster." Photo taken by Matthew Tarran3 from UK.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - jesus-news4

Bad Luck at the Cross Walk

Bad Luck at the Cross Walk [ large preview5 ]
"Taken while backpacking in Voss, Norway." Photo taken by Laura Convesre6 from USA.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - bad-luck-at-the-cross-walk7

Talking Tree Sign

Talking Tree Sign [ large preview8 ]
"tree saying “I LOVE THIS STREET” :)." Photo taken by Dario Meniss from Croatia.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - talking-tree-sign9

Burn Calories, Not Electricity

Burn Calories, Not Electricity [ large preview10 ]
"Save Energy :) Photo was taken in 2010 in NYC." Photo taken by Stefan Vogel from Germany.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - burn-calories,-not-electricity11

Beach Talk

Beach Talk [ large preview12 ]
"Shot at Barceloneta beach, Barcelona, Spain. Instead of saying “don’t throw cigarettes in the sand” it says “I’m a beach, not a big ashtray, ok?”: much more friendly and straight to the point.." License: Common Creative. Photo taken by Francesca Silvestri13 from Austria.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - beach-talk14

Beautiful Garbage

Beautiful Garbage [ large preview15 ]
"Garbage cans in valencia’s beach, everyone is recyclabe but the color indicates the kind of materia." Photo taken by Aquiles Leon16 from México.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - beautiful-garbage17

Better Be Careful

Better Be Careful [ large preview18 ]
"This Photo was taken at the entry of a shopping department in Milan, Italy. It shows a funny image that every client should respect." Photo taken by David Vera19 from Colombia.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - better-be-careful20

Beware, polar bears !

Beware, polar bears ! [ large preview21 ]
"Photo taken near Longyearbyen in Svalbard (or Spitzbergen), Norway, in October 2009. This photo shows the non attention paid to the sign, as the lady runs towards the land, where the bears are, as the sign says to beware of polar bears “In the entire Svalbard”." Photo taken by Brian MathÈ22 from France.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - beware,-polar-bears-!23


Beware! [ large preview24 ]
"Beware of the dog sign on a rusty garage door." License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic. Photo taken by Frikkie Snyman25 from South Africa.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - beware26

Heart-shaped Signboard

Heart-shaped Signboard [ large preview27 ]
"Heart-shaped signboard at Luhuitou Park, Sanya Hainan (China). The heart-shaped signboard complements with the love story behind the park." Photo taken by Vandra Png from Singapore.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - heart-shaped-signboard28

Match making

Match making [ large preview29 ]
"”Good excuse to light someone’s fire? Strike a conversation now and it might be a match made in heaven.” A match box in Palate Palette Bar KL." Photo taken by Ashley Hau30 from Singapore.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - match-making31

Push Button

Push Button [ large preview32 ]
"Pushing the button, waiting for the signal, crossing the street – somewhere in america." Licensed: © 2009. Photo taken by Florence Schmid from Austria.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - push-button33

Boys not ok

Boys not ok [ large preview34 ]
"Taken at the sticker photo booths parlour in Tokyo. It’s ok for a guy accompanied by a girl to go in, but not ok when it’s just guys." Photo taken by Yi Chen3835 from Japan.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - boys-not-ok36

Breast enlargement by kids

Breast enlargement by kids [ large preview37 ]
"Seen outside a plastic surgery office in Taipei. Any breast enlargement ad involving kids is just plain weird." Photo taken by Yi Chen3835 from Taiwan.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - breast-enlargement-by-kids39

End of cyclepath juist 2005

End of cyclepath juist 2005 [ large preview40 ]
"Handmade sign for end of cyclepath, photographed on juist, october 2005." Photo taken by Christoph Ellermann41 from Germany.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - end-of-cyclepath-juist-200542

Thank you!

Thanks to all participants for taking their time for preparing and sending submissions for the contest and creating a unique and diversified gallery presented above. We truly appreciate and respect your efforts and your time, folks!

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