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A Smashing Guide to UX Design

User Experience (UX) Design is the process of creating experiences that aren't just attractive to look at, but that also work well for our users. In this guide we round up some of the articles on Smashing that can help you to create beautiful sites and applications that also help people to get things done.

Cat the Yoda, with a sword

How To Create A Compelling Landing Page

Creating a compelling landing page involves a combination of clear focus, persuasive copy, considered design and relentless testing. Without all four your page will fail.

How To Create A Compelling Landing Page

Privacy UX

This series of articles is about privacy-related design patterns. We’ll be exploring some of the respectful ways to approach privacy and data collection, and how to deal with the notorious cookie consent prompts, intrusive push notifications, glorious permission requests, malicious third-party tracking and offboarding experience.

How People Make Decisions

It’s important to understand that all decisions involve emotions. In this article, Susan Weinschenk explains how you can make your users feel confident of their decisions and why it’s a bad idea to provide more than four options to choose from.

How People Make Decisions

Let's Help Users Fill In Your Mobile Form

Do you test your forms on real users and real devices? If not, you should. Let’s take a look at some of the techniques that can help you take your forms to the next level and help users fill them in.

Smart Responsive Design Patterns, Or When Off-Canvas Isn’t Good Enough

This article features some of the slightly more obscure design patterns, such as responsive car-builder interfaces, mega dropdown navigation, content grids, maps and charts, as well as responsive art direction.

When Off-Canvas Isn't Good Enough

Designing The Perfect Component

There are many common components seen across the web. In this series of articles Vitaly takes an in-depth look at some of these. Considering all of the different ways the task can be approached, helping to find the perfect approach for your site.