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Front End Web Developer - Potato - (Bristol, UK) - Freelance

The workload will sometimes be hectic, but the atmosphere is cheerful and proactive. We want to put you and your team in a position to write and deploy the best code that you can.

There are plenty of technical acronyms in here, but fundamentally we’re looking for intelligent people who have an eagerness to learn new things, and the communication skills to be able to explain them to humans such as project managers and our clients.

As well as the technical knowledge, we need people that get it – people who can figure things out by themselves but know when to yell for help. Cutting down and simplifying complex problems with interfaces which make them appear straightforward.

This is a freelance role starting ASAP.

We like to see proven abilities in…

- POSH (Plain Old Semantic HTML)

- CSS and preprocessors such as LESS & SASS

- JavaScript frameworks & libraries such as AngularJS, Angular2+, React and Vue

- Using Git (or any DVCS) to manage parallel development on a large codebase

We also like talking to people who enjoy…

- Working in an agency environment

- Python & Django

- Development & consumption of HTTP APIs

- Internationalisation

- Google Apps & APIs

- Scaling applications across distributed machines

- noSQL & SQL databases

- Node.js

- PWAs

- Developing for offline first

- Accessibility

In return you’ll get…

- Competitive remuneration

- Free lunch, drinks and snacks

- A fun and supportive, developer-focussed working environment

How to apply