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Monkee-Boy is hiring a

Front End Developer

  • Austin, TX
  • full-time

We’re looking for a front end developer to join the Monkee-Boy team.

Applicants should be able to independently handle the development of a website from start to finish, typically in WordPress. This position involves working closely with both the design team and other developers. Projects range from individually-managed WordPress sites to collaborating with the full development team on larger customized projects using our in-house CMS. You would also assist in the maintenance/post-launch support of projects. This is a full-time position and will be required to work from the Monkee-Boy World Headquarters in beautiful Austin, Texas.


Let’s jump right in.

  • First and most important: passionate about learning new technologies and collaborating with a team.
  • Agency experience a plus!
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and responsive design.
  • Know when jQuery isn’t needed and when it is. jQuery has it’s place but we find we don’t use it much anymore.
  • Ability to debug compatibility issues across browsers and devices.
  • Basic understanding of build processes (we use Gulp) including CSS pre/post processors (we use PostCSS), minification, optimization, etc.
  • Fluent with the WordPress admin, formatting content, handling menus, and managing custom post types.
  • Experience with custom WordPress theme creation, custom post types, and debugging plugins.
  • Comfortable digging into API’s like Google Maps and Twitter.
  • Great organization skills with the ability to manage and bounce between multiple projects in a day.
  • Excellent communication skills in written, verbal, and documentation. You will be communicating directly with clients, most of the time through our ticketing system.
  • Not afraid of the command line; we SSH into servers, deploy with Capistrano or Fabric, manage dependencies with npm, run build tasks with gulp, and spin up local dev servers with Vagrant. We can teach all of these but being comfortable in terminal helps.

Bonus Round

Each of the below will get you a +1 with us. You are not required to be an expert but should bring the urge to learn. This should also give you a little more insight into what our development environment looks like and what will be asked of you as the position grows.

  • Experience working with things like gulp, SASS, PostCSS, npm, Vagrant, and Capistrano or Fabric. We use Gulp and PostCSS but legacy sites are in SASS.
  • Experience with git. Our repos are hosted on bitbucket.
  • JavaScript unit testing. Like most people, we really should write more tests. Help us.
  • Understanding performance when it comes to your code.
  • Insight into accessibility; ARIA roles, hovers, interactions, contrast, etc. This is under bonus but understanding why accessibility is important is required. We can work together on making a project accessible.
  • A love for getting to be creative with the little details in UI animations, hover effects, etc.
  • Experience developing email templates (responsive or not). We deal mostly with MailChimp and Constant Contact.
  • An unnatural love of Torchy’s breakfast tacos.

It’s dangerous to go alone

No matter the position or the project you are tackling, you will have support. We have a team of designers, marketers, developers, and project managers all doing our best work with collaboration being key.

Any questions?

We understand there are a ton of unknowns when applying for a position. We have more details about our team and workflow on the application form but we want this to be the right fit for you and us. If you have any questions about the position, our team, our dev workflow/process hit me up at