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New Relic is hiring a

Developer Relations Engineer/Advocate (Junior/Mid/Senior)

  • Anywhere
  • full-time

We level up developers through education and enablement; we’re here to get developers excited about software and to support them and their communities in achieving their goals. We build in front of the world; we’re creative, and we embrace that energy to produce and share ambitious inspirational projects with deep technical roots. By sharing authentic, engaging content with our communities we’re able to join in the conversations that matter to them and bring their stories home to help New Relic build better products. Those same discussions give us a chance to use our product expertise to make developer’s lives better, by helping them understand the value of observability and how they can effectively apply it in their own projects.

“When art critics get together they talk about Form and Structure and Meaning. When artists get together they talk about where you can buy cheap turpentine.” — Pablo Picasso

We’re developers and we love to code. We code so we can speak from practical experience and join the global conversation. You’re going to be happiest on this team if you’ve lived the pain of pager duty and know the joy that comes from a beautiful green test suite.

We’re storytellers. We excite, engage, and empower our peers with stories of our own triumphs and failures in building. We’re looking for compatriots with experience following their curiosity down the rabbit hole and bubbling back to the surface with treasure.

We’re active members of our communities. We coordinate meetups, attend conferences, and help developers realize their collective strength. Collaborative personalities can expect to thrive here.

We value unique perspectives, and we absolutely encourage applications from candidates with backgrounds and identities that add to our spectrum of experience.

Given the nature of the work, this is a remote position, but you’ll of course have the option to work from one of our many offices when it’s convenient. We’re a results-oriented team so our hours offer some flexibility. Assuming you’re able to work with some portion of your day overlapping US timezones we’re prepared to hire a great candidate remotely.

What you’ll do

  • Contribute to self-selected open source software that’s directly relevant to your community.
  • Speak, stream, podcast and write about whatever technology you’re excited about (mostly) and our product (occasionally).
  • Seek out internal opportunities to advise product, marketing, and engineering on how best to engage your community.
  • Share your research with peers and colleagues in accessible audience-specific content across different mediums.
  • Travel to meet developers where they are and explore their cultures. Up to 25% global travel.

Our interview process

  1. Chat with the hiring manager about the vision and ask questions about the team.
  2. Describe your personal strengths and weaknesses to identify opportunities where we can support you in growing.
  3. Discuss your past experience, how you contributed to successes and what sort of projects you find personally fulfilling.
  4. Pair program with a team member on a small coding sample to demonstrate your ability to explain your thinking live.
  5. Produce an informal 10 minute video where you teach us something new, followed by reference checks and an offer.