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Komensky is hiring a

Lead Developer

  • Utrecht
  • full-time

Who Are We?

Komensky. Nice to meet you! We develop a portal to learn every skill: a smooth learning experience wrapped in a smart platform. With that, we help organizations to continuously close skill gaps so that employees can develop themselves and their business continues to grow.

Our work takes place where learning and technology meet. We strive for smart ways to help people progress in working and learning. By integrating existing solutions, we add value that is currently missing. Or, if the solution doesn’t exist yet, by adding something unique that makes a difference. This ranges from small, smart learning interactions to an all-encompassing learning ecosystem.

Our team consists of people with all sorts of backgrounds, but all with a drive to experiment and improve. Learning is the skill that starts it all! Want to know more about us? Check

Are We Looking For You?

We are looking for an experienced Lead Developer to join our team.

As a Lead Developer, you have a strong combination of practical code knowledge, communication skills, and a grip on the total development process. You are resourceful, critical, have sharp analytical skills, and are tireless in your pursuit of the best solution. You make well-considered choices and are convincing in your argumentation.

Do you enjoy the challenge of being responsible for the quality of our product and the smooth working process of our development team, while also contributing to the development of the product? Then we are looking for you!

What We Ask Of You

You are experienced in working with ReactJS, NodeJS, and AWS Lambda. You enjoy contributing to the development of our product and are familiar with the tools and standards we use for software development, continuous integration and deployment, testing & automation, and configuration management.

First of all, of course, you will contribute to the development of our product daily. You are an important part of the development team. As a Lead Developer, you carry out code reviews to assess the quality of our platform and thus of the development team. You think along about the best way to solve technical challenges and you give clear and constructive feedback. In this way, you steer the developers in terms of content and advise on the best technical strategies and methods. Not only to get the product working at that moment but also to continuously improve the scalability, reliability, and performance of the platform.

Besides the development work and managing the development team, there are other tasks that we would like your help with:

  1. In the preparation phase, you help with the technical refinement of the issues. Are we on the right track in our development work or have we overlooked things?
  2. Together with our CTO, you work on our continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline. You integrate code, draw up test plans and ensure that they are executed consistently and (where possible) automatically. You also prioritize development items in the pipeline. Together with our product owner, you determine the releases of our platform.

The Future

Finally: technology changes constantly. Komensky actively responds to this. As Lead Developer, we expect you to stay abreast of new developments in your field. By sharing your insights and enthusiasm with the team, you stimulate experimentation and development. We also like to see you, coach developers, in their technical skills and show them how to further exploit their potential.

Other Specifics

  • Language skills: Dutch & English
  • Start date: to be determined in consultation (the sooner the better)
  • Number of hours/week: 24-32 hours/week
  • Salary Lead Developer: €4.000 - €6.000 gross per month (based on full-time employment)


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