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Financial Transparency is hiring a

Requirement Engineer With Developer Background

  • Vienna, Austria
  • full-time

FTS is looking for a requirements engineer with the background of a full stack software developer. Applicant should be able to support FTS Product development life cycle with existing software development skills and have ambition to expand on these as required. This will include development tasks, supporting rollouts at clients and inhouse, and help with quality control. Applicant should help with refining user stories, detecting technical dependencies between features and supporting us improving our product.

This position is ideally suited for individuals motivated to move into requirements engineering, or for requirement engineers wanting to stay close to development, and be associated with a high-quality software product.

In addition to developing directly for client driven requirements, FTS invests in new ideas for products and add-ons that will continue to keep Strix AML at the lead of this emerging market sector. If you are motivated, specialized, have high bandwidth, and / or want to make your mark on software, contact us even if you do not have all the skills listed below.


FTS works as a small team in an attractive workspace and office location, offers flex time, and a competitive salary and benefits dependent on qualifications and motivation. The legal minimum wage for Austria for this position is EURO 49,910 p.a., however FTS is expecting 80K+ to ensure a motivated applicant with competent skillset fulfillment.

Skills / Requirements:

  • 5+ years’ experience in IT industry in areas of developer, product owner
  • Requirement Engineering:
    • Product Software Development
    • Individual Software Development
    • API Definitions
    • Experience with Quality Assurance: Definition of Test strategies
    • Using Test Tools (UI, Test Studio for manual Tests, etc.)
    • Define detailed requirements for developers
    • Refinement of user stories
    • Ability to detect dependencies to other requirements
  • Web development skills (but all skills are welcome):
    • Angular
    • .net Core
    • HTML / CSS


  • Set up in house test systems
  • Support rollout on client side
  • Understanding of basic IT Security
  • Expected work:
    • Support with forming detailed requirements / acceptance criteria
    • Support of rollouts (at internal test systems, at clients, SaaS systems)
    • Security knowledge and interest is very welcome
    • Support development and documentation
    • Intermediate level tasks
  • Experience with rollouts of enterprise applications
  • Knowledge of the Microsoft Software Stack
    • MS Windows Server, SQL Server, Microsoft Azure
    • .NET core programming, EF Core
  • Experience with integration of software in existing heterogenous environments
  • Experience with Requirement Engineering
  • Location Vienna, must be permitted to work in Austria
  • English working language
  • Bachelor degree in an applicable Information Technology area


  • Experience developing and / or using Financial Enterprise Software in financial industry or financial supervisor/regulator preferably related to AML or CFT compliance
  • Working familiarity with government reporting requirements
  • Familiarity with Prudential or AML/CFT Supervision surveys
  • Experience with Scrum development process
  • MTA certificates
  • Business Intelligence systems, CRM systems
  • Case management systems
  • Encryption usage/experience