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ElevenYellow is hiring a

Senior Front End Developer

  • Anywhere
  • full-time

Front End Developer

Note: We’re currently looking for candidates in any timezone! Regardless of where you are, we’d be happy to see you apply, especially if you feel you’re a great fit. This is a remote, full-time position.


We’re ElevenYellow.

We believe in a different way of work and play. We’re a startup studio that’s launched dozens of SaaS products. Our website is a terminal. Our Slack is pretty dysfunctional. But we make it work with a lot of emojis pinned messages, and Google Sheets.

Long story short, we’re a fully-remote working family and we’re getting better at what we do.

If this resonates with you at all, please keep reading.

Who we’re looking for:

We’re looking for a senior front-end developer that knows how to develop cleanly and concisely. Specifically, we’re looking for somebody to ship fast with the rest of our team on highly commercialized apps used by thousands of users.


  • React.js + Node.js
  • Meteor.js is a bonus
  • Next.js is a bonus
  • LESS, SASS or SCSS is a bonus
  • UX / UI advanced understanding
  • Basic competency in Web3

You take comfort in working independently / you take pride in your work

Basically - if you’re a front end developer that likes making things look beautiful, we’d love to hear from you. We’re serious about…


We’re serious about mark-up, the structure that lies underneath what websites look like. Well-thought structure can do a lot of good to a website and is helpful for things like responsive web design, accessibility and maintainability.


We take pride in our projects. While we launch a lot of projects, we’d like to do this at speed and in style. Projects we deem successful require a solid design that’s not just a boring template.


Hopefully you like moving QUICKLY. We don’t spend weeks mocking up things in Sketch. Our developers are quick and talented, meaning we get projects out in the open super fast. This means new features need to be beautified and our new web apps need a bit of a visual restructure.

We’re not trying to convince you… but we have our perks

  • Work remotely We’re very experienced in working remotely. We were digital nomads before digital nomads were a thing. Feel free to pick up your laptop and work wherever you want, whenever you want. Just make sure you have a good internet connection and we’re good :)

  • Take vacay We know what it feels like to work “too much” and our way of work isn’t meant to be stressful. Time off is the remedy to a lot of things, and we encourage you to take time off work.

  • Annual Retreats We do yearly, week-long retreats and we’d love it if you joined us (we pay your way, don’t worry). It’s important to meet each other in person and we value time spent with one another (whether that’s on Slack or face-to-face). We’ve met up all over Europe and islands across South East Asia. Naturally, we’ll have to wait for COVID to die down this time around, but that should be just around the corner (we’re optimists)!

  • We’re a laid back bunch While team retreats sound awesome (and they are), our company ethos is what we value the most. Life is all about enjoyment, and work should be too. We’re all laid back and understand the human side of work and play.

Oh and these things too

  • Competitive Salary (remuneration depends on experience)
  • Health Insurance Coverage (monthly, set budget)
  • Self Improvement Budget (monthly, set budget)
  • Gym Membership (Monthly, set budget)

Now, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Send an email to enter[a-t]
  2. Title your email “Respect the pump”
  3. Mention why you think you’re a good fit for us
  4. Describe your career highlights (highs and lows, best/worst projects, etc)
  5. Add your portfolio / things that really define your work
  6. LinkedIn / CV stuff if you think it’s necessary

We believe applications should be human and conversational. We’d mostly appreciate it if you told us who you were and what you wanted to do in life, both personally and professionally.

Of course, please only disclose what you’re comfortable with. And not to forget! We’re an equal opportunity employer and we encourage everyone to apply. We respect genders, ethnicities, boundaries, friendships, and the human aspect of work.