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The Washington Post is hiring a

Engineering Lead

  • Washington, DC
  • full-time

The Washington Post is one of the world’s most trusted journalism institutions, providing critical access to news coverage on world events. Our Engineering team is committed to building innovative, performant, accessible web experiences that serve our readers and empower our newsroom. We’re seeking an Engineering Lead to provide technical leadership for our Article squad. You will own the overall quality of work shipped to millions of readers and motivate your team to uphold engineering excellence. This is an incredibly kind, empathetic team of developers looking for a leader to help them do their best work.

What You’ll Do

  • Manage a small team of ~4 engineers, giving 1:1s, regular feedback, and support.
  • Uphold engineering best practices and standards through writing and reviewing code, CI/CD pipeline, and owning the quality of the release
  • Work with Product and Design to scope out new features into manageable tasks for the dev team
  • Work with stakeholders to explain technical capabilities, limitations, and tradeoffs
  • Coordinate with engineering leadership to balance prioritizing business goals and technical debt


  • Expertise in React, Nextjs building web applications at scale
  • Experience in automated testing such as RTL, Chromium, Cypress, Playwright, etc.
  • Understanding of AWS / Docker, ability to work cross-functionally with our back-end and platform teams
  • Experience with agile methodologies
  • Experience leading a development team

Interview Process

  1. Non technical phone interview (30 min) - Chat with our recruiter
  2. Hiring manager phone screen (30 min) - Chat with the hiring manager about experience
  3. Take home exercise (1 hour) - Building a simple React app
  4. Technical interview (1 hour) - Chat with our Core Team about your solution
  5. Behavioral interview (1 hour) - Chat with our Director about your experiences managing teams and software

Sound like a good fit? We’d love to chat with you.