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Senior Front-End SCSS Developer (freelance - 1 day / week)

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Are you the front-end wizard we’ve been searching for? Are you passionate about creating user-friendly and stunning digital experiences? Our mission is to provide top-tier web interfaces that captivate and engage. If you thrive in crafting seamless, efficient, and beautiful code, we might just have the perfect spot for you!

Job description

  • Craft Digital Art: Transform designs into component-based masterpieces, optimised for multiple browsers. We follow the Atomic Design system and BEM principles to structure our css code.
  • Code Connoisseur: You consistently write and adapt code adhering to project specifications and our established coding standards.
  • Best Practice Champion: You’re always ahead of the curve, implementing methods that ensure our applications are scalable, adaptable, and fortified against threats.
  • Enchant with Tests: Write test automation scripts with PlayWright for automated front-end and regression testing.
  • Guard Our Sanctuary: Honour our ISO27001 shield. From following our security policies, running arcane virus scanners to encrypting treasures (hard drives), security is your watchword.


What Makes You The Chosen One?

  • Cultural Synergy: Dive into our manifesto ( If it resonates, we’re halfway there!
  • Front-End Mastery: 5+ years in front-end web development. Here, we cherish the art of creating world-class interfaces, so pure front-end expertise is key.
  • Tech Tools: Proficiency in SCSS, and ideally, Smarty (PHP front-end framework), Playwright, and Fractal.
  • Web Wisdom: You understand the intricacies of front-end web development, from performance metrics (like core web vitals) and SEO best practices, usability, to the foundational building blocks of web applications.
  • Accessibility Advocate: For you, accessibility isn’t an afterthought. It’s in your coding DNA.
  • Analytical Alchemist: Blend logic with creativity and turn complex requirements into gold.
  • Articulate Communicator: You express ideas clearly, both in speech and writing. Fluent English is a must, and if you can chat in Dutch, that’s a big bonus!
  • Team Spirit: Whether solo or in a league, you shine and help others shine too!
  • Long-term Loyalty: We’re in this for the long haul (on a one day per week, remote basis). If you’re looking for a fleeting adventure, this might not be your chapter.

(And remember, we’re all about direct connections – freelancers only, no mystical middle-agents!)

Job offer

  • Stability and Flexibility: We promise a long-term assignment where you’ll be contributing one day a week.
  • Work with the Best: Be a part of a top-performing team where every member is dedicated to excellence. Surround yourself with professionals who will challenge and inspire you.
  • Make a Real Impact: The event industry is evolving, and with us, you’ll be at the forefront of that transformation. Every line of code, every design decision, has the potential to make a significant difference. Join us in shaping an industry and making waves.