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Smashing Cat brewing a fresh, tasty cappuccino.

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    • 2 printed magazine issues a year
    • $100 discount on 1 conf & workshop
    • $375 discount on 1 in-house training

Coming Up Next in Membership

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Cat with goldfish
With the Membership, there is a goldfish to catch every month.

  • Smashing TV: Video Editing With CSS And JavaScript, Eva Ferreira

    In 1985 pop music was mesmerized by the a-ha “Take on me” music video. It’s been almost 35 years since then, the world needs new catchy tunes with impressive video animations… on the web. Let's learn how we can edit videos and create immersive experiences worthy of the ‘80s pop music using JavaScript and CSS. Details

  • Smashing TV: Designing Landing Pages That Convert (And Look Great!), Laura Elizabeth

    In this session, you'll learn the elements of a high-converting (but non-sleezy) landing page that you can use whether you're selling a product, encouraging email signups, or anything in between. We'll also go through exactly how to design this landing page from scratch using a simple process that Laura has used throughout her career, and that she teaches to hundreds of students every year. Details

  • Smashing TV: The Power Of Digital People, Kristina Podnar

    Lawsuits, data breaches, regulations, and social faux pas…oh, my! As digital workers, whether a designer, developer, or project manager inside of an organization or the one-man band that does it all for clients, there are so many requirements that you need to be aware of and track. Your head might be spinning from GDPR, CCPA, LGDP, accessibility, branding, taxonomy and metadata, development tools, and countless other issues. What can we, as digital people, do to bring order into this messy digital world and make our lives simpler? Details

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That's What Members Say

Smashing Magazine has always been very supportive of the web community. Membership feels like a huge effort towards a strong, diverse community of people who care about their craft. Highly recommended for every web professional who wants to learn and connect — even those who don’t like cats.”

Paul Boag
Paul Boag, @boagworld, UX consulant

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Supporter$3 / mo.Member$5 / mo.Smashing!$9 / mo.
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Fast, ad-free experience
Rewarding authors and editors
Rewarding new voices in the industry
Rewarding the open source community
Training 🍯
A monthly webinar by experts
Workshop slides and checklists
Early access to many SmashingConf videos
Access to super-early-bird tickets
SmashingConf live stream
All webinar recordings
Books 🥕Supporter$3 / mo.Member$5 / mo.Smashing!$9 / mo.
At least 4 new eBooks every year
All Smashing eBooks (60 books)
Printed Smashing Magazine ( a year)
Discounts 🍰
Discount on printed books$3$5$10
Discount on job board postings$25$75
Discount on conferences and workshops$50$100
Discounts on tools and video courses
CSS Grid by Rachel Andrew, Debugging by Remy Sharp, CodePen, Shopify, Mailchimp etc.
Networking 🍕
Invites to all SmashingConf parties
Networking and Q&A sessions
Smashing TV
Vote on topics and speakers

Here's How We Spent The Money

We believe in an open, diverse and accessible web. With your help, we want to reward people doing great work to make it happen. That’s why we actively support community events and projects, and people behind them. We want to keep things fully transparent, so here we’ll be reporting how we spend the money.

That’s what we’ve been doing in the past 100 days (May 21, 2019):

  • Supported local communities in Minsk (Belarus), Kyiv (Ukraine), Vilnius (Lithuania), Gdansk (Poland), Berlin (Germany),
  • Ran Berlin Design Campus with Projector team from Kyiv, Ukraine — an event for Ukrainian students to connect with the creative scene in Berlin, Germany,
  • Vitaly taught at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences — supported by Smashing Members,
  • Released Art Direction for the Web by Andrew Clarke — available to Smashing Members free of charge,
  • Released Vitaly’s “Responsive Design Interface Bootcamp Slides,” a newly-updated 720-slide deck dedicated to all things responsive interface design patterns,
  • Currently, 47 Smashing TV webinars are available — recently on privacy, WebPageTest, accessibility and art direction,
  • Had all new webinars professionally transcribed and published,
  • Switched to using the Zoom platform for webinars because it has better video quality,
  • New discounts for Balsamiq and screencasts on Dev environment setup by Simon Owen.

It’s all made possible with your contributions. You made it happen. So thank you.

Next steps:

  • Finish the first issue of Smashing Print,
  • Schedule new Smashing TV webinars,
  • Coach new voices in the industry to speak at a meet-up or a conference,
  • Support people who want to learn but can’t afford it with Smashing eBooks, webinars and learning material,
  • Support web-related non-profit events and meetups.

Your support allows us to bring you great content, pay all our contributors fairly, and reduce advertising on the site. Thank you.

Inclusive Design Patterns, by Heydon Pickering
We also publicly released Inclusive Design Patterns, by Heydon Pickering, for free.

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Never stop learning!