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Here’s What We Do For Our Members And Communities Worldwide

We believe in an open, diverse, and accessible web. With your help, we want to reward people doing great work to make it happen. That’s why we try to support community events and projects and the people behind them. We want to keep things fully transparent, so here we’ll be reporting what we do.

Of course, the ongoing Covid-19 situation has affected what everybody does, and also what we can do to organize events and send things around the world. We have, however, tried our best to support our own Smashing Member community, as well as other local and global communities, in these challenging months.

This is what we’ve been doing in the past 250 days (February 2, 2021)

Primarily for Smashing Members:

  • We ran 6 Smashing TV sessions and made the recordings available,
  • We organized 3 Smashing Meets events and made the videos available,
  • We released the “TypeScript In 50 Lessons” book and made the eBook available for free,
  • We published the Smart Interface Design Patterns Checklists and gave them to our Members,
  • We released the book “Click! How To Encourage Clicks Without Shady Tricks” and made the eBook available for free,
  • We provided discounts to all 5 SmashingConf online conferences and made the recordings freely available afterwards,
  • We provided discounts to 28 Smashing Workshops and made the recordings of some of the sessions freely available afterwards,
  • We provided quite a lot of discounts on lovely products and services via exclusive partner deals,
  • Vitaly ran a course with students from Minsk, Belarus, with the money supporting the ongoing freedom protests in Belarus, and he is still teaching with students from Ukraine, too.

For Communities worldwide:

  • We published about 40 newsletters with handy tools and resources,
  • We published about 200 articles, 20 podcasts, and 6 guides on various topics,
  • We gave away about 25 diversity tickets to our online conferences and workshops,
  • We gave away about 100 tickets to the Smashing Meets Happy Holiday event to various communities,
  • We gave about 20 communities the opportunity to present themselves at our (online) conferences and Meets events.

Next Steps

We have been coaching new voices in the industry to write articles, speak at meetups or conferences, and do workshops with us. In the coming months, we hope to bring you even more exciting new voices and topics.

Once the Covid-19 situation allows us to, we plan to set up local Smashing meetups around the world — in cooperation with existing communities —  and support them with books, swag, and more.

We have started offering educational group memberships, and once we have the first few batches signed up, we hope to offer support to more people who want to learn but can’t afford it — through Smashing eBooks, webinars, and other learning materials.

Thank You So Much

It’s all made possible with your contributions. Your support allows us to bring you great content, pay all our contributors fairly, and reduce advertising on the site. You made it happen. So thank you.

The Ethical Design Handbook
We also released the new Ethical Design Handbook written by Trine Falbe, Martin Michael Frederiksen, and Kim Andersen. The eBook is available for free for Members and Smashers.