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Home Sweet Home: Meet SmashingConf Freiburg 2017

We are all craftsmen in a way, no matter if you create delightful experiences, snappy performances, or innovative products. While our tools now fit into the thinnest laptops or even the cloud, we still have much in common with the stonemasons and the carpenters who lived centuries before us. We share our knowledge to get better and more efficient at what we do, like in a guild.

And what place could be better for a guild of web designers and developers to get together for a friendly conversation, to learn from each other and to spark new ideas at a location that lives and breathes centuries of crafted skills? We are headed back to the Historic Merchants’ Hall in our lovely hometown Freiburg, and we’d love you to join us there for SmashingConf Freiburg 20171!

SmashingConf Freiburg is back in Freiburg on Sept. 11 and 122

$499 (€464 incl. VAT)

To the tickets →33293


Taking place September 11–12, this conference will be two days of jam-packed real-live web design problems and techniques that you can immediately apply to your work. First confirmed speakers include:

  • Rachel Andrew124, on modern layout mechanism, the CSS Grid,
  • Umar Hansa135 tackling modern development workflows with DevTools,
  • Alla Kholmatova6, speaking about scalable, maintainable modular design systems,
  • Scott Helme7 on how to make your website more performant and secure,
  • Chris Wright8 on shiny new front-end techniques for more flexible layouts,
  • Sara Ramos9 and Tiago Pedras on preparing ourselves for the next generation of developers,
  • Mathias Biilmann10 on speeding up your workflow with static site generators,
  • As well as the Mystery Speakersomeone you definitely know
First confirmed speakers: Rachel Andrew and Umar Hansa11
First confirmed speakers include Rachel Andrew124 and Umar Hansa135.

Workshops At SmashingConf Freiburg

Our Freiburg workshops are offered as either an addition to the two conference days or as a standalone event for those simply wishing to delve deeper into their topic of choice. Sit in a historic venue that’s almost 500 years old and learn about the very latest in modern Web design! On Wednesday, September 13th, we’ll be hosting full-day workshops in our beautiful Kaufhaus venue14. By registering for a workshop while buying your conference ticket, you save $100 on the regular workshop ticket price.

Workshops on Sunday, September 10th

  • Vitaly Friedman15
    Smart Responsive UX Design Patterns by Vitaly Friedman16Sept. 10 • In this brand-new workshop, Vitaly Friedman (editor-in-chief of this lovely magazine), will cover practical techniques, clever tricks and useful strategies you need to be aware of when working on responsive websites. From responsive modules to clever navigation patterns and web form design techniques; the workshop will provide you with everything you need to know today to start designing better responsive experiences tomorrow. Read more…17

Workshops on Wednesday, September 13th

  • Alla Kholmatova18
    Modular Design by Alla Kholmatova19
    Sept. 13 • We’ve all been there: once a shiny, new, thoroughly crafted website becomes outdated, inconsistent, bloated and expensive to maintain. Can we continue scaling the platform, without losing its original essence and making it feel like it’s been patched together? Can we keep our code clean, flexible and future-proof long-term? Read more…20
  • Rachel Andrew21
    Advanced CSS Layouts With Flexbox and CSS Grid by Rachel Andrew22
    Sept. 13 • This workshop is designed for designers and developers who already have a good working knowledge of HTML and CSS. We will cover a range of CSS methods for achieving layout, from those you are safe to use right now even if you need to support older version of Internet Explorer through to things that while still classed as experimental, are likely to ship in browsers in the coming months. Read more…23

  • Umar Hansa
    The Modern Front-End Workflow Bootcamp25 by Umar Hansa
    Sept. 13 • In this workshop, Umar Hansa, a senior front-end web developer at Springer Nature, will share obscure practical workflow tips, tricks and techniques that will supercharge afreiburg developer’s workflow. Read more…26

We’ve put aside 50 early-bird tickets, and if you book a workshop27, too, you’ll save $100 off the conference and workshop price.

A Smashing workshop in Freiburg28

$798 (€735 incl. VAT)

To the tickets →33293
Join us for three days of intense learning and save $100!


At SmashingConf, we always strive to host events in the most memorable of venues. In Freiburg, our home will be the magnificent “Kaufhaus” – a stunning, central venue that blows our audience away every year.

Smashing Flags waving in front of the historic Merchant's Hall in Freiburg30
The historic “Kaufhaus” (Merchants’ Hall, built 1520-30) is the venue for the two days of conference and one of the workshops. Image credits: John Davey31

It is a symbol of the importance of trade in medieval Freiburg. The municipal market, customs, and financial administration building is identified as a center of trade by its arcades hall. Its façade is decorated with coats of arms and statues indicating the city’s links with the House of Habsburg.

Why This Conference Is For You

The Smashing experience is like walking into a cozy little place around the corner. You know everyone personally, and you have an authentic, intimate, genuine experience, with lots of learning, sharing and networking along the way. For front-end and UX, this conference will inspire you and significantly push your boundaries.

You’ll learn:

  1. How to improve your workflow with DevTools,
  2. How to publish new sites much faster with Static Site generators,
  3. How to make your website more performant and secure,
  4. Strategies to break out of generic layouts with CSS Grids,
  5. Approaches for better visual/brand identity design,
  6. Guidelines for building maintainable modular design systems and pattern libraries,
SmashingConf Freiburg is back in Freiburg on Sept. 11 and 1232

$499 (€464 incl. VAT)

To the tickets →33293

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tools and let’s meet up for a few day of sharing, crafting, and some Smashing surprises. We can’t wait to learn from each other and create a guild for the new ages!


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