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Smashing Daily #35: Workflow, EBooks, Flip-Flops

It’s Monday, and it’s time for a new episode of The Smashing Daily, with a letter from the Commissioner for Digital Agenda in the EU about the deplorable state of eBooks, a good write up about responsive workflow, tips for showing favicons for external links, examples of big text, and much more. Enjoy!

Responsive Workflow1

After seeing Stephen Hay’s presentation about responsive workflow, Viljami Salminen decided to write down his thoughts on this matter. It’s a great read for everybody who wants to optimize their workflow to keep up with the current state of the Web.

The classic waterfall machine2

EBooks Shouldn’t Be Restricted By European Borders3

I sometimes resort to googling a torrent-link for an eBook because there’s no legal way to buy the book in an EPUB format I can read in the reader I use. This is always after an extensive search for a paid option. Now, if I say these things, nothing happens. But if Neelie Kroes (the Commissioner for Digital Agenda in the EU) says them, things might actually change. The open EPUB format is here, the books are here, the people who want to read them exist, the only problem is that the publishers are still here too.

Favicons Next To External Links4

On some websites it might look nice to show favicons next to all external links. Chris Coyier wrote this article about how you can do exactly just that. A nice turorial with some links to clever favicon services.

How to show external favicons5

What’s “Large Text ” In WCAG 2.0 Parlance?6

Steve Faulkner created a page with examples of large text, as defined in the WCAG 2.0. He points out that there’s a big issue with the definition of “large text ”, which can actually appear quite small on many devices.

Accessible Client-Side Form Validation With HTML5, WAI-ARIA, & The jQuery Validation Plugin7

Here’s a nice tutorial which explains how to make HTML5 form validation work on all kinds of browsers, including very old ones.

Oh IE6, How We Loved You8

12 years ago people absolutely loved IE6, but we now seem to forget that. Bruce Lawson gives us a good lesson in modern history and explains why a browser monoculture is not a good thing.

We loved ie69

jwerty — Awesome Handling Of Keyboard Events

Enabling keyboard navigation on your website can be a very nice enhancement. Here’s a little library that can make this easier.

How Fast Are Websites Around The World?10

Here’s an interesting Web page with an overview of data gathered by Google Analytics about website speed.

Last Click

Dance The Flip-Flop11

By switching from the digital to the physical and back you can create some incredible things. Robin Sloan calls this “flip-flopping” and he collected some great examples of it. A very nice, inspiring read.

A flip-flop is a real-life digital mashup12

Previous Issues13

For previous Smashing Daily issues, check out the Smashing Daily Archive14.


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Vasilis van Gemert is the Principal Front-end Developer at Mirabeau in The Netherlands and a board member of Fronteers. His aim is to close the gap between design and (front-end) development. He believes the excess of knowledge he has can be better used by others, by more creative and smarter people. You can follow him on Twitter.

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